with flute

Hittar mest 70-tal och rena flöjtstycken...

Vet ni något musikstycke (pop, rock) där tvärflöjt har ett eller flera fina solo'n bredvid sång och gitarr?


Postat av: Mad Dog

Hi Josephine: Well this is definitely off your topic. LOL! Thank you for visiting my site the other day. I though your question about the flute was intriguing so I tried to unearth a few interesting examples. See my post today for details. I hope some are entertaining. I make no apologies for the 70's-centric era content as that is where I have most of my cultural reference points (I'm an old fart) however I really don't think the flute is used much in contemporary pop.

PS I would love to comment on your blog but my Swedish is non-existent (one trip to a conference in Stockholm in 1988). What are you doing in Brussels?

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