Seminole Hard Rock hotel och Casino

Ursakta, men jag bara maste forsvinna fran datorn och simma lite i polen...

jag hoppas det gar bra med engelska?


ps. namnen som namns ar gamla fans och medlemmar i vara yahoo-grupper  :-)

Hi everybody!

Arrived on the Wednesday evening and went straight to
the first hotel on Miami South Beach where I slept.

First thing which hit me when leaving the airplane
was the heat. A thick humid heat I haven't
experienced for ages! But it felt nice, next thing
were all the palmtrees - this is a tropical area -
no doubt about it. And I like it a lot.

The hotel (Indian Creek Hotel) had nice beds, but
the airco was very noisy.. in the morning I met
a curious cocroach who entered my room and disappeared
under the bed...

The weather was a bit wet so I went out to a super-
market to buy myself an umbrella. On the boardwalk
next to the beach I enjoyed the fantastic sea and
the sky which was partly clear partly full of all kind
of clouds.

Hardly had I bought the umbrella before it started
pouring down and there was also a good deal of lightning...

so I can say that my first hours in Miami were WET!

No idea to stay there  :-/  so I took a cab
up to Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino. It happens
to be in another county, and there are no direct buses
from Miami to there, although I got to know later I
could have taken a bus to teh airport of Fort Lauderdale
and a cab from there.. 


The first person I met there at the reception was
noone else than Manny!! *big smile*
Who sure enough was accompanied by noone else
than Cman! :-)  Another great lady who bumped
into us during the same half hour was Bunny,
freshly arrived from Japan!

Thereafter after a couple of phonecalls Mikayla
and Amanda arrived and I could check into my room.

When entering the room I asked- but this is a room for
four persons? The beds are biiiig! clearly made for
a lot of fun! *lol*

Debra will arrive today and we will share room.

I studied the camera-book instructions, took
my second shower of the day, prepared myself for
the photo-session and finally fell asleep on
the bed. (jetlag)  Woke up from a shy knocking
on the door - Coucy! 

Who had got to know from Mikayla that I was in
that room. Somewhat with sand in my eyes I slowly
woke up and we went downstairs where we met in the
central bar Bob! (Who just had been in the Hague
at the Kaikura fan-meeting!)

Cman, Manny and Bunny came, we went looking for a place
to eat when we also met Mikayla and Amanda who had
her friend J. with her and Eric also showed up!

We had a terrific dinner at a seafood restaurant
with two, three lively conversations going around at
the same time! My stomach ached though so I couldn't
eat a lot. The jetlag seem to have a quite rough
impact on my stomach..  but it will work out.

This big complex called Seminole Hard Rock hotel
and casino has several different restaurants, shops,
hundreds and hundreds of gambling machines (it lays
just inside the border of an Indian reservation)
a concerthall and a very nice pool around a little

Contrary to what I'm used to from Europe - the
building(s) here are airconditioned to keep the
air inside cool... so when you come from the warm
humid heat outdoors and open the door you are met
with a cold wind! from the inside! *lol*

There were a LoT of people gambling and going to
some concert in the evening and already now
(only) the four of us stirred up some attention
which we fully enjoyed!

I can't wait to this evening and Saturday evening,
it will be fantastic!!

b.t.w. - I still have session-times over if someone
like to come by..  also - worth to mention - the
party this evening is for free! and the one tomorrow
is a private one which only cost 200 dollars.

Except for me, Mikayla, Amanda and Bunny - it will
be Debra, Tall Kat, Arekah and two more models -
(Stephanie couldn't come) - surprises!

Mail Mikayla or Amanda for more info: (don't have Mikaylas adress
in my head right now)

I love to be heer!

Now I will go and dive into that tempting pool outdoors...

Josephine  :-)


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