Underbara Berglins! Och ett svenskt ord för influencer skulle alltså vara "influensör" , perfekt. Det låter som en blandning av influensa och frisör.  *grin*
(free) translation:  - But Per-Åke ... you have put the garbage-bin outdoors on the wrong day! and now all the neighbours have put out theirs too. 
- Fuck, I'm an influencer! I should maybe start a podblog?
- Oh yeah?... and what should it be about?
- Kettle barbecues and highpressure wash - only good stuff! Realize how much free sponsored things we will get!
Jan and Maria Berglin have made these brilliant comics since the early ninties!
Not sure if any album exists in English? Some are too Swedish and not possible to understand abroad, but many could easily be translated and transfered to British, French, German or Dutch cultural similarities.  (in my opinion  ;-)


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